Hildegard Keller

Hildegard Elisabeth Keller, director

Hildegard Elisabeth Keller is an academic and filmmaker and works as a professor for German literature at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, and in Zurich, Switzerland.  In both Switzerland (SRF: Literaturclub) and Austria (ORF/3sat: Bachmann Prize), she is active on television as a literary critic. In addition to books on medieval mystics (including Hildegard of Bingen) and translations from Spanish, she has produced numerous audio books, radio features and audiovisual installations for exhibitions. "Whatever Comes Next" is her first documentary.


Carter Ross, director of photography

Carter is a videographer who was born in Indianapolis, in an American family with roots in Scotland, India, and Germany. Ever since Carter was young he has been fascinated by visual arts and moving images. Carter's love for cinematography grew from early as he began shooting skateboard videos with his friends. He decided to take his craft seriously and turned it into a career. He graduated from Indiana University (Telecommunications Department). Carter works and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Olav Lervik.jpg

Olav Lervik, composer

Olav Lervik is a composer and musician who is focusing his work on projects with film, computer games and multimedia. He works as a researcher and teaches at the Department of Composition for Film, Theater and Media at the University of Arts Zurich, and is involved in several different freelance projects reaching from score restoration, to transcriptions, to film scoring and interactive multimedia. In the past Olav Lervik has been involved in the restoration of the film scores for "Metropolis" and "Die Nibelungen" by Fritz Lang. He composed several scores for short animation films, short fictions and documentaries.

Ivan Turkalj, cellist

Ivan is a cellist. His training on the cello began with Vladimir Malinowski in Vienna, after his family moved from his native Croatia (Zagreb) to Austria. At the age of 16 he was accepted at the „Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien“, he completed his studies  in Würzburg, Germany, and got two Master degrees at the University of Arts Zurich. As a cellist Ivan has a strong interest in understanding the different musical periods and styles He is a member of the known Canadian band 'The Hidden Cameras', the 'New Piano Trio', 'trio +4', 'The Erlkings' and others.


Ann Malcolm, singer and voice actress

Ann Malcolm is an American jazz singer and also professor for vocal jazz and workshop at the Hochschule für Musik, Abt. Jazz, in Basel as well as professor for vocal jazz at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Mannheim, Germany. Her musical journey began in her home state of Iowa where she was born and raised in the small town of Belle Plaine. A deep relationship to emotion packed lyrics and storytelling are also characteristics which infatuate the audience of her concerts as well as her speech work.


Graham F. Valentine,  voice actor

Graham is an actor. After graduating from the Jacques Lecoq School of Theater in Paris, he was active in British repertory theater, participated in Deborah Warner's Kick Theater and participated in musical productions. He has also performed on the French stage, participated in films, and performed various spoken roles in audio plays and concert opera productions. For over 40  years he has repeatedly collaborated with Christoph Marthaler. From 2000 to 2004 he was a permanent member of the ensemble of the Schauspielhaus Zürich. Since 2004 he once again has been a free-lance performer.

Mitchell Parks.png

Mitchell Parks, camera and audio technician

Mitchell Parks is a multifaceted individual based out of Los Angeles, CA. His love of music and recording arts brought him into the realm of film and television, where he discovered a new passion in the technical and creative aspects of camera work. He is truly content, however, when collaborating alongside other likeminded individuals to create art that speaks to, invigorates, and ultimately influences those who care to experience it.  He is an Indiana University alumnus (Telecommunications Department).

Russell Sheaffer, assistant camera

Russell is an academic and filmmaker. He is a California native who is currently working on his Ph.D. in the Department of Communication and Culture at Indiana University. He is the founder of Artless Media and has collaborated with Hildegard on “Der Ozean im Fingerhut” / “The Ocean in a Thimble” (2011-2012). 


Benno Hofer,  sound designer and foley artist

Benno is a sounddesigner and filmmaker. He is the proprietor of Nadelberg, has been active in the film and recording industries for over thirty years and remains as motivated as ever to open the eyes and ears of viewers. For his projects, he collaborates with a network of specialized partners.


Full Credits

Director                                                                           Hildegard Elisabeth Keller

Director of Photography                                           Carter Ross

Original Score                                                               Olav Lervik

Cellist                                                                               Ivan Turkalj

Narrator                                                                           Ann Malcom

Narrator                                                                          Graham F. Valentine

Assistant Cameras                                                       Mitchell Parks &   Russell Sheaffer             

Location Audio                                                             Mitchell Parks

Editors                                                                              Carter Ross & Hildegard Elisabeth Keller

Foley Artist                                                                     Benno Hofer

Sound Mixing                                                                 Benno Hofer

Voice Recordists                                                           Alex Dürr &  Joseph Martin Stone

Production Assistance                                               Christof Burkard

Production Consultant                                              Dominik Keller  Jana Anna

Recording Facilities                                                     Multimedia & E-Learning Services Universität Zürich                                                                                         

    Indiana University Telecommunications Department

Mixing Facilities                                                             Zurich University of the Arts

                                                                                             Ton-Art Basel

Equipment                                                                      Indiana Student Cinema Guild

                                                                                             Multimedia & E-Learning Services University of Zurich

                                                                                             Foton Lighting Basel