I loved the ongoing dialogue between Mahler's art, in the paintings, and Keller's art in the filming.

David Boadella

Whatever Comes Next is a wonderful life affirming story. The sound track is especially noteworthy.

Selection committee of Cleveland International Film Festival

Hellwach, klarsichtig und ohne Pathos ... ein sanftes, von gediegener Klaviermusik untermaltes Porträt, das nicht nur älteren Semestern Mut machen dürfte, sich auszudrücken.

Christian Jungen, NZZ am Sonntag

A pleasure for the eye and a balm for the soul.

Rosi Braidotti, Utrecht University

Ein zarter Film über eine streckenweise sehr burschikose Frau. Ein WOW! Werk.

Bernard Senn, SRF

A beautiful, beautifully filmed masterpiece.

Ann Fries, Artistic Director of the Through Women's Eyes Film Festival / Sarasota Film Festival

"This story is going to warm your heart and makes you think differently."

In her intro to the screening, Ann told about the reaction in her film committee: "This film, Whatever Comes Next, was fairly unique for me and my film committee in the six years I've been doing this. Everyone loved this film, no one didn't like it. Which is fairly unique."

"Delightful .. very nicely done!"

Robb Moss,  Harvard University, Chair, Department of Visual and Environmental Studies. He added: "It is a wonderful character study that brings up themes of aging, art, feminism, 20th century history,  and just the act of living one's life."