" Die Drei-D-Gemälde wachgerufener Gefühle sind originär und eine eigene Kunst im Film."

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When you can't find your home, you find yourself.

What happens when recollections of the past thaw up?

Whatever Comes Next explores the curious and dynamic life of Annemarie Mahler-Ettinger.

The film portrays the 89-year old painter and scholar. How does she interact with the physical world through art? What do the artistic process and life have in common? Does time only move in one direction? What happens when recollections of a past time resurface and flood the memory? The artist looks back on her experiences and encounters the girl that she once was. The artist's outer and inner lives bridge two centuries and two continents.

Annemarie Mahler was born in Vienna in 1926. She fled by herself as a twelve-year old to the United States. She grew up in Manhattan, went to college at Berkeley in California, and later became an American artist and scholar. Since 1955 she has lived in Bloomington, Indiana, and drives each summer with her dog Leah to Cape Cod and sometimes also to the giant rocks of Utah. She paints and writes autobiographical texts.  USA  / Switzerland, 2014.